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How Do I know which Stronger Women course is right for me?

Whether you are looking for yourself, a loved one or curious on how your organization can partner with SW, our experts can help explain!

Women's Empowerment Program Workshops

All Stronger Women workshops are engaging and transformative opportunities
focused on teaching practical tools for personal development, ways to create
empowerment and make immediate changes today. Blend of written, group
discussion and art healing help everyone feel safe and secure.

Right now, what topic are you most passionate to learn more about?

Whether you participate or host a workshop, you can rest assured you will receive professional expert dv training with a mental health professional.

Stronger Women Courses

Your Guide to victory over domestic violence and patterns of abuse.

At Stronger Women, our Stronger You programs have been guiding individuals to victory over domestic violence and patterns of abuse since 2013. Through our Transformative Jolt Awake! Stronger than Espresso faith-based five-step healing process survivors gain the tools they need to successfully graduate the pathway to healing and independence.

Together you can learn how to become Stronger than Espresso!

Whether you’re looking for something you can complete by yourself, on your own time, or if you prefer interacting with others while you take the course, we have something for everyone.

Our Stronger You 12 Week Program will focus on...

1: How to set healthy boundaries.

2: Maintaining positive self-esteem.

3: Recognizing what I am doing and why I am doing it.

4: How to use good communication tools.

5: New ways to grow in my relationship with God.

6: Healthy family and or parenting skills.

7: Steps to build healthy relationships.

8: Actions to Free me to explore my life’s purpose.

Hear what other women have to say.

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"After taking the Stronger classes, I am empowered to make a better life and relationships for me and my kids."
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"Stronger helped most with learning to recognize red flags when dealing with the opposite sex, and learning how to set firm boundaries to protect myself."
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"Now that the Stronger class is ending – I feel so empowered! I am free to live my best life. My personality is unstoppable. I have a great attitude and mindset."
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"Stronger helped me most with my view of relationships – healthy vs unhealthy. This course help me feel affirmed that what I was was REAL and nothing to be ashamed about."
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"The 3 most important reasons I took the Stronger survivor support group course are: To admit and confront the abuse I’ve been through, to let the pain and anger go, to learn how to grow past this."



All Stronger Women facilitators are certified by SW, and are either employees of SW or they are licensed mental health professionals hosting workshops on our behalf.

Our expertise in domestic violence, patterns of abuse, and our proven dv restorative healing program provide a proprietary community approach where participants receive affordable and accessible care. SW facilitators offers a variety of skills and professional expertise. Many are licensed professionals in areas of mental health: counselors (LPC), social workers (LMSW), therapist (LMFT), other expertise in domestic violence, community education and adjunct faculty. Our pool of facilitators will deliver excellence in facilitation and mental health dv support whether our workshops are in person, virtual or hybrid.

How to become a facilitator?

Stronger Women exists to interrupt patterns of abuse, which are systemic, generational and spiritual. Stronger programs were written by survivors for survivors and remain grounded in help reaching all areas needing care.

Understanding the various learning needs of dv survivors and our enrollees is critical. We weave trauma–informed practices throughout all the facilitation, written, verbal, kinesthetic learning styles supported in the various modalities, and each lesson has art healing aspects to enrich the depth of healing.

Stronger uses a multi-faceted approach to engaging enrollees in all of our programs. All of the segments of our programs are also specific training and educational workshops we can facilitate in any location. Our proprietary approach offers in person, hybrid and virtual training, education and support for our partners and enrollees.

All Stronger Women workshops are engaging and transformative opportunities focused on teaching practical tools for personal development, ways to create empowerment and make immediate changes today.

Whether its time to attend, or host your own group, Its time to Jolt Awake!

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