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Stronger Women Support Group - Thriving Woman

Our graduates aren't just surviving.....

they are Thriving!

Stronger support groups are designed to create a healing environment where everyone can feel seen, heard and understood.

Stronger Women is a unique restorative ministry for survivors of domestic violence and abuse, helping survivors since 2013.

For survivors of domestic violence and abuse to safely heal, know and receive God’s love, and redefine their lives. We created a place where the mom with two little kids, and too little money, has access to help and healing.

Abusive cycles require ongoing tactics of fear, force or manipulation where one party maintains power and control over another. Over the years, abusive relationships require isolation and dependency in various forms to create the power and control dynamic in abusive relationships.

At Stronger Women we focus on the pathway to healing and independence.

“Survivors of domestic violence and patterns of abuse live all around us, and they fail to recognize how beautiful they are. We need to get the word out… We must help women know they are worthy of being loved.”
Brooke Jones, Founder of Stronger Women
Brooke Jones
Author, Stronger than Espresso

Stronger support groups are designed to create a healing environment where everyone can feel seen, heard and understood.

Stronger Women’s domestic violence survivor support group helps survivors build resilience and healing through self-reflection and self-awareness. Our curriculum is biblical-based and focuses on 5 stages of healing specifically targeted for wounds of survivors of abuse and violence.

Participants learn how to:
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"Now that I have taken the Stronger classes, I can say something nice about myself. I am funny, smart, caring and nurturing. When I started I couldn’t voice a kind word about me."
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"I have learned how to set boundaries. I have the right to open my mouth and speak up without emotion."
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"I have learned that I can talk about my feelings. I don’t have to bottle things up."
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"Did you know I discovered my eyes are beautiful, my smile is gorgeous, I am prepared. Love Stronger!"
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"I now can see the truth. I can speak the truth when I see or experience abuse. I am no longer silent. "

You may still be in your abusive situation, or perhaps you recently left.

Many of you left the abuse months, even years ago, but are still affected by the hurt you suffered in an abusive relationship.

You feel trapped by your inability to grow beyond the hurt and to fully restore your life. The fear and control remains and continues to bind you long after the situation has changed. Regardless of where you are; you CAN be healed and finally free.

"I didn’t know how to get help on the inside. I tried bible studies and other programs. No one understood. And then I found STRONGER. It was the first time I found hope!"
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Stronger Women Support Group Graduate