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Am I Being Abused? (the signs)

Am I being abused - the signs

How to know if I am being abused?

Are you, or someone you know being abused?

So many of us have asked ourselves the same question. Is this normal? Am I being abused? Each individual’s journey is unique.

​​For each of us, there is an “aha” moment...

a line in the sand, epiphany, straw that broke the camel’s back event which occurs in our abusive relationship.

In this moment, you recognize the domestic abuse. You finally admit that it is not going to change. It can happen in one flash, one word, one touch, one slap, one hit, one kick, one look, one fight, or one profanity screamed right in your face.

When this moment happens, you can no longer remain ignorant. The vivid reality of your existence becomes clear. Your hope is stripped away, and the “dream talk” you clung to no longer clouds the truth of your reality.


At Stronger Women each individual must jolt awake and be able to identify the abusive tactics of fear, force and manipulation they have experienced.

Once you are jolted awake you are never, ever the same.