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First Steps

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The first step is to understand where you, or your loved one, is on their journey.

The journey to healing and independence is a long one, and receiving the right level of care at the appropriate time is critical.

If you feel you’re in immediate danger – please see our Emergency Resources Section now before moving on.

It takes great courage to prepare to leave an abusive relationship.

Your safety and the safety of your children is the priority. Danger increases for the victim as they work to leave the abusive relationship.

Did you know...

if you have been threatened or assaulted you can request a protective order from the District/County Attorney’s Office.

Did you know...

if you already have a protective order, you should keep it with you at all times.

Did you know...

if you have your protective order violated, you should call the police.

Did you know you can:

Download our Free Essential Response Tool

The first step to creating an effective program responding to survivors of domestic violence and abuse is PREPARE.

Whether you are a church, house of faith, organization, place of business or special interest group with the community, you will need to complete the self-evaluation tool.

Group planning and preparing to help