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Are you passionate about helping survivors of domestic violence in your area? Do you want to make a lasting impact and provide a safe haven for those in need? Stronger Women invites you to take the lead and start a local group using our resources and programs. Together, we can transform lives and build stronger, more resilient communities.

What Starting a Stronger Women Group Means


As a group leader, you’ll empower survivors with the resources and tools they need to rebuild their lives.


Create a tight-knit community of survivors and allies, fostering a sense of belonging and support.


Access our comprehensive programs, guides, and materials to help survivors on their journey to recovery.


Connect with other Stronger Women leaders across the country, sharing insights and experiences.


Witness the transformation of survivors as they regain their confidence, independence, and hope.

Michael Perron, Minister of Life Recovery Prestonwood Baptist Church
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"We have been able to witness, first hand, the Impact that Stronger Women Healing Groups are having at Prestonwood Baptist Church. These small groups provide a "safe place" for women to share their abusive experiences while allowing Jesus to heal them from the "inside out". When women can freely share their deep hurts & wounds, Jesus heals them by taking what was once in the dark, bringing it into the light for transformation.(I John ..) HE removes the shame & guilt associated with these behaviors for Complete healing.”
Gail Stennis, Pastor of Care and Counseling Trinity Fellowship
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"The truths presented by Stronger resonate beyond the walls of domestic abuse. The teachings on topics such as value and boundaries are critical for soul health of all people. I can’t recommend this program enough. Praying you are constantly held up by God’s mighty hand!"
Michelle Harrell, Pastor of Care and CounselingBent Tree Bible Fellowship
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"When I think of how offering our Stronger Group has made an impact, it offers a Community. One where the stories, many untold all have a place to be heard. A common understanding and acceptance. Where Shame, loneliness and fears are laid down. The friendships that form, along with an opportunity of being able to move to a group of friends who choose to continue and do life together has been a blessing for many of our women."
Mary White, LPC, MAEdAgape Hope and Resource Center
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"Stronger has become the heartbeat of our program. Since bringing it on board, all our participants go through the Stronger course and are experiencing LIFE CHANGE because of it!"

How to Start a Stronger Women Group

Starting a group in your area is a meaningful and impactful endeavor:

Holding Hands

Step 1: Contact Stronger Women through our website to express your interest in becoming a group leader.

Step 2: Receive guidance and support from our experienced team, who will help you set up and organize your group.

Step 3: Access our wealth of resources, including program materials, training guides, and promotional tools.

Step 4: Launch your group and start welcoming survivors and allies in your community.

Step 5: Watch your group grow and thrive as you provide a safe, supportive space for survivors to heal and empower one another.

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Be the Change

Starting a Stronger Women group is an incredible opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change in your community. By leading with compassion, empathy, and resilience, you can make a profound impact on the lives of survivors, helping them find the strength to move forward.

Join us in our mission to transform survivors into thrivers. Become a Stronger Women group leader today and be the guiding light that helps survivors rise above adversity and reclaim their lives. Together, we can create a brighter, safer future for all.